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Parenting Classes

Class Descriptions  


A combination of relaxation, breathing techniques, comfort measures and position changes that are designed to help during labor and birth. We stress that partners are essential throughout labor, birth, postpartum and parenting. $120 - MPG Patients $140 - Other

Labor Skills

This class takes a “straight to the point” approach in preparing expectant parents for labor. You will learn about breathing and coping skills, positions, positive affirmation, and progression in childbirth. Classes held at SaguaMPG classroom at a limited capacity. $100 - MPG Patients $110 - Other

Breastfeeding Social

A time for mommy and baby together with other lactating moms to explore the breastfeeding journey. You have the opportunity to ask questions and have conversations about challenges along the way. FREE

Stress Management

Learn how stress affects the body and ways to lessen stress. Using massage, aroma therapy, relaxation, and breathing techniques. MPG Patients: $20 Other: $25

Family & Friends CPR

This course teaches the lifesaving skills of adult Hands-Only™ CPR, adult, child and infant AED use. It also covers choking & relief of choking for all age groups. (No Certification) MPG Patients - $20 Other - $25

C-Section Prep + GMHA Orientation

C-Section Prep: If you are anticipating a C-section this class will prepare you for what to expect. It Is designed to help you feel more comfortable about your birth journey. ___________ GMHA Orientation + 4th Trimester - will help understand the birth process at GMH. It comes covers registration, expectations for delivery, postpartum, discharge, and going home. $20 - MPG Patients $25 - Other


A class designed to help mothers and their partners gain confidence and skills in breastfeeding such as how it works, feeding cues, frequency, positioning and latch, support and its wonderful benefits for mom, baby, and the entire family. $20 - MPG Patients $25 - Other

Parenting Safety

This class helps parents appreciate the importance of interacting with their baby; understanding growth and development; and setting realistic expectations.  The class will use open discussion to talk about discipline, prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Life skills such as basic infant CPR and Car Seat Safety will be included. $20 - MPG Patients $25 - Other

Baby Daddy Class

This class is designed exclusively to help dads or support persons become confident and competent in their role. Partners will have a better understanding of their woman, recognize the classic signs of labor and what to do, verbalize 3 feeding cues of the newborn, how to respond to a crying baby, and understand relationships and dynamics between their partner and the newest addition to the family. $20 - MPG Patients $25 - Other

Breastfeeding Consults

Complimentary for MPG Patients, this is a special opportunity to recieve one-on-one breastfeeding support by our amazing patient educator and lactation professional, Nurse Barb.

Meet Our Patient Educator 


Barbara Mafnas


Patient Educator & Lactation Consultant 


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